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    1. admin

      All applicants will be notified about the status of their admission within 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline for the desired term.
      You may however be contacted earlier if there are any open questions which need to be clarified. Thank you for your interest in our program!

  1. layal mahfoud

    Hello, I have a master degree in Physical Chemistry and I would like to foster my knowledge more by studying in your institute, can you advise me what is the first dtep I should do.
    Best Regards
    Layal Mahfoud

    1. admin

      Dear Layal,

      first thing I recommend to do is to read the webpage thouroghly and see if the topics of the courses match your interest.
      If in doubt, feel free to ask further questions.

      Next step, once you decided you want to participate in the program, would be to go through the application process.
      Use the Apply Now button in the top right most corner and follow the instructions there.

      Currently the registration period for winter term 2018/19 is in active mode.
      You can apply for winter term 2018/19 from March 1st to June 1st, 2018.

  2. Topto

    I am a student who has appeared for Bachelors final exams and is about to take my IELTS exam this month. But both results are due after the application deadline. Is it possible for me to apply now and have my respective institutions/boards send in the results after the designated deadline?

    1. admin

      Dear Topto,

      thank you for this important question, which might be of interest for some fellow students as well!

      You can go through our application process while you are waiting for your results.
      Just hand them in as soon as you get them or have them forwarded to us.

      Good luck for your exams ­čŹÇ

    1. admin

      Dear Asghar,

      any applicant who was turned down within one admission periode or did not succeed in getting his/her visa affaires sorted out in time for the start of the semester may try his/her luck again in any of the following admission periodes.

  3. Mina B.

    The visa processing time takes up to 3 months, if I successfully got accepted and the admission response is received by 15th of January, there is a possibility that I will be late at least 1 month later than the starting date of the summer semester.

    Also, what if I missed a semester do I have to apply again for the following semester or do I get a priority to be admitted to the following semester ?

    1. admin

      Dear Mina,

      we are aware of the time sensitivity of visa affairs. Therefore we do our best to swiftly process visa related issues. If necessary we also correspond directly with the respective embassy.

      Due to our dense curriculum it might not make sense to enter the program with a great delay. However, two to three week would probably be ok.

      We can not automatically guarantee admission to the following semester, since it strongly depends on individual qualifications, but previously admitted students who were struggling with visa affairs certainly will have priority within the next admission period.

      If you are experiencing any trouble with paper work, please make sure to let our Admission Team know. We are happy to assist you where ever we can.

      1. Mina Basla

        Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful response !

        As I am interested to apply to the program I wanted to have my transcript of records of the bachelor degree pre-checked, if it’s compatible with the program curricula. Moreover, my bachelor was Petrochemical engineering, and I have strong academic background in the organic/ inorganic and physical chemistry.

        Kindly, is there an email or a person that I can contact to ensure that I am eligible to apply to the program ?

        1. admin

          Dear Mina,

          from what you are writing it seems that the SynCat program would suit you perfectly since it grounds on a sound knowlege in organic and inorganic chemistry. You easily can verify this by checking the module catalogue and by taking a look at the involved academic staff.

          If you like our program just follow the APPLY NOW button and hand in all the necessary documents. However, please make sure to apply during the respective admission period only. We will not review any applications ouside the designated time frames.

          The next admission period, for summer term 2019, will start September 1st and run through December 1st.

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